We offer the transport of a wide range of goods from raw materials to products with high added value, container transport or extra shipments.

We offer complete forwarding services in domestic and international rail freight.

Transport of containers or special consignments.

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Terminal Brno, a.s.

Company Brno Terminal, OJSC was founded in 2008 from the previous container terminal in property ČSKD Intrans, the redemption of two thirds of the shares of the company ČD Cargo. Container depot and as such, historically worked since 1975, when the Czech Republic experienced a boom in intermodal transport.

Since 1991, the considerable decline in demand for goods transport bulk cargo containers, terminal operations only worked in the maintenance phase, where he had to be closed in 2003 and gantry crane laying on the dock carried manipulation was frozen.

Appearance dock in 1992 situation passed in 2007, due to the gradual increase in demand for transport in a combined way since the beginning of the new millennium and transshipment operation was restored. At present, the company Brno Terminal, OJSC subsidiary ČD Cargo and Rail Cargo Operator – CSKD from which receives a substantial part of cleared contracts. In 2012, the Brno Terminal, OJSC extensive reconstruction, which was built at the new handling area in the space at the track, thus greatly simplified and accelerated clearance of individual trains.

Today, the company is thriving, thanks to the high demand for transport by rail intermodal trailers. The transhipment of this type semitrailers could not be used gantry crane, which was adapted for the transhipment of containers, so it was dismantled and replaced by a mechanism reachstackerovým wheeled crane. Transhipment containers and trailers carried on 3.kolejové railway siding on the length of 300m. Monthly with us translate around 1,200 trailers and during the year it is planned to increase the volume of traffic check these units by half.




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